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Galveston, TX (145 Acres)

Property Details

Property Name: Avocet Oceanfront Villas

Address: Alma Rd, Galveston, TX 77550, USA

Other information: Recorded Final plat recorded on 5/5/2006. Phase I - 187 lots are finished lot condition. Phase II – 204 lots at raw land condition.􀂾 Note, September 2008 Hurricane Ike caused damage to the property. Quotes to bring the property back to finished lot condition are around $300,000 and include the following: Street cleanup,􀁸 Sanitary Sewer Cleanup and camera inspection,􀁸 Storm Sewer Cleanup and camera inspection,􀁸 Repair Lift Stations 1&2 Storm Sewer outfall repair􀁸 Repair transformers (which are being repaired by Entergy through their insurance coverage). This repair cannot be doneuntil the other items are corrected.

Other Amenities: The property will also include a community center, pool, beachfront lots, beach view lots, cottage lots, lakefront lots, and estate lots.

Construction Update: N/A

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Chris Kaplan
Vice President

Juniper Investment Advisors
7001 N. Scottsdale Road, Suite 2050
Scottsdale, Arizona 85253

Email:  Chris@jreia.com
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