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Be Informed. Be Smart. Be Sure.
The future of IMH has never looked brighter. 20 years in the industry has brought strength and insight to all facets of IMH, enabling us to seize the best opportunities in the real estate market. We keep our finger squarely on the pulse of relevant markets, informing and allowing us to maintain flexible investment strategies in changing market conditions. IMH is staffed by some of the brightest minds in finance and real estate.
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Our History

IMH was founded nearly 20 years ago starting with a single bridge loan and embarking on an audacious dream to transform communities and improve outcomes, one investment at a time.

At our core, we are a real estate investor and finance company specializing in diverse facets of the real estate lending and investment process. Recently, IMH has undergone a transformation with the appointment of new, dynamic leadership and replacement of non-performing assets with a diverse portfolio of income producing investments already proving to be reliable sources of robust returns. In addition, new executive management has taken the necessary diversification measures to help ensure that IMH remains protected from volatility in the market.

The future is bright for IMH and its shareholders.

We believe in making the lessons of our past part of our future, informing a more sound decision making process that yields higher, more consistent returns.

There is an abundance of attractive opportunities on our horizon to acquire, finance and originate commercial real estate mortgage loans and other real estate-related assets as investors seek to finance real estate transactions in an improving real estate market but face the strict lending requirement of traditional banks. We are in the process of developing an earning asset base that is well-diversified by underlying property type, geography and borrower concentration risks. Increasing diversification means that our portfolio will continue to evolve in response to market conditions.