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Here are a few examples of how IMH Charities has helped in the community. 

In February 2017 IMH Charities was introduced to New Pathways for Youth.  Over their 28-year history, the organization has positively impacted the lives of more than 6,000 at-risk youth through their transformative mentoring and after school programs.   They currently serve more than 500 youths across the Greater Phoenix area on an annual basis.

New Pathways for Youth identified a critical need for youths facing environmental circumstances (poverty, gangs, substance abuse, violence, etc.) that resulted in problematic and disruptive attitudes and behavior.  The programs and services offered include one to one transformative mentoring, college and career readiness, after school programming, intensive retreats and camps, life skills and character development and family and parenting programming.

The success rate is illustrated by a 92% increase in goal oriented and decision making skills and the fact that 75% of the youth in the program enroll in post-secondary opportunities.  The goals to be achieved are to foster social and relationship skills, including positive peer groups and trust in a caring adult, to improve parenting skills, stopping the cycle of drugs and violence in the home and building healthy families for the future, to improve health outcomes, including reductions in teen pregnancy, reduced/delayed use of alcohol and illicit drugs and to decrease neighborhood crime, reducing societal costs of future adult crimes.

IMH Charities looks forward to continuing to assist this organization in positively impacting the lives of at-risk youths in the Greater Phoenix area.   You can read more at http://www.npfy.org/.


Several months ago IMH was introduced to Mending Kids, an international organization that provides critical surgical care for sick children.  Their U.S. Hometown Missions programs are the focus of our interest.  These services provide free surgical care to children from underserved communities, including those who have been denied coverage from the government or insurance companies.  The plan grew out of the recognition that some U.S. based children were simply not receiving surgeries they needed – surgeries that had been deemed by insurance providers to be “non-life threatening”, therefore they were then considered “elective.” Many of the diagnoses treated at the U.S. Hometown Missions make the child a target of bullying, and once the surgery has been performed, the child is no longer a target, thus giving them a chance at a happier, healthy life.  IMH supported Mending Kids’ most recent U.S. Hometown Mission in Los Angeles this past July 15th where 19 children received free surgeries by a volunteer team of doctors and nurses at Specialty Surgical Center of Beverly Hills.

Exciting plans are underway to launch a U.S. Hometown Mission program for children in the Northern Arizona, also supported by an initial grant from IMH Charities.  Additional funds are currently being raised to facilitate that program.  A pilot U.S. Hometown Mission costs approximately $25,000 for 10 children in a half-day format, which includes surgical and recovery program infrastructure including rental of a state-of-the-art surgical center (at a deeply discounted rate), medical supplies, diagnostic tests and general supplies, and compensation of key personnel who provide coordination of outreach, logistic and diagnostic pre-operative testing. The ripple effect of the children mended through this program extends into their communities and raises awareness of available surgical resources.

IMH Charities looks forward to continuing to assist this organization in providing life-saving surgical care for sick children in Arizona.   You can read more at http://www.mendingkids.org/.